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July 15, 2012
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ZERO - Rai by rubysama ZERO - Rai by rubysama
I’m sorry if I’m a newb :iconlazepoolplz:
For :iconzero--00:
Feel free to send me a note for RP * 7 * I just reply...really slow OTL

:new: Revamp APP!!! /// I might redraw his Zero form another time OTL

Name: Rai
D.O.B: June 17
Age : 24.
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 9”
Tattoo: [link]

Occupation: College Graduate Student in pharmacy + job as a pharmacist.
Zone: Central
Demonic Weapon: (Magical - Fire)
His weapon is a leather whip with the element of fire. Its power depends on WIS. He can control the fire to become any size he desire (not ginormous in size). He can use the whip to capture targets then conjure fire on any area of the whip to deal damage. Although he cannot summon fire to shoot out of the whip; they have to be in contact with the whip. The whip can also be used to grab onto objects and brings them closer or quick escapes from danger/unwanted attention; does no damage, just easy transport.

Rai often enjoys being with people and is not afraid of stating his opinion. He is willing to talk to anyone that needs help or has similar interests to him. He feels most comfortable interacting with females, only if they’re not annoyingly needy. He has a harder time opening up to males because of his past experiences with his cousin. He appears as rude or stuck up when talking to guys because he rarely makes eye contact and only answers with short phrases, or just ignores them. If they get him to become interested in the conversation, he may slowly open up. Maybe if they have pudding to share? ovo

While Rai does tolerate people, the only people he despises are NEETs (not in education, employment or training) because after the incident with his cousin, he believes they will all become needy and worthless. If he ever encounters one, he will coldly ignore them; sometimes he becomes angry and moody when they try to talk to him.

Even with his busy schedule of constant studying, Rai does make time to exercise and go outside frequently. Since most sports are played with guys, he prefers just taking walks alone around town, school and anywhere he can go by foot.

+ Social, but not out-going (e.x doesn't like to attending parties)
+ Is not afraid of opinions
+ Quiet
+ Friendly to people he likes
+ Intelligent
- Difficulty being with males
- Impatient
- Extremely moody; can become mad easily – mostly yells back

Rai was born and raised in Zone 3. His family household consisted of his father and mother. He grew up in a well treated family, developed a close relation with his parents and did well in school; it was everything a child wanted. Everything was going great until he was the age of 14, when his distant cousin on his father’s side, older by 10 years (24 at the time), came into his family’s life. They have never met before until he showed up one day on their front door. The cousin begged for a place to stay the night. Rai’s parents couldn’t refuse to help a family member and allowed him to stay the night; thinking it was only a one-time event. Turned out it wasn’t. As the cousin kept returning every few days, he grew more aggressive. It started with verbal abuse by threatening and forcing Rai’s parents to give him money. Soon it became physical around the time the boy was 15. His cousin would beat his mother violently until his father gave him the money and leave for the day. One night when Rai was 17, his cousin, who stayed the night, sneaked into his room in a drunken state to attack the unsuspected teenager. Rai woke up to find his drunken cousin on top of him attempting to remove the bed sheet and his pajama pants. Startled by the surprised attack, Rai kicked his cousin off the bed. Quickly reaching for the door, he ran downstairs and purposely made as much noise as possible to wake his sleeping parents. His cousin closely followed behind and tackled Rai down. The teenager struggled within his cousin’s grasp and traded punches in the upper body and face. While his cousin was distracted with Rai, his father was woken up and quickly called the police. When the police arrived they were able to separate Rai and his cousin and took him away. Rai vowed he would never become a person like his cousin. After Rai graduated from high school, he moved out to Zone Central and stayed there for college. They never saw nor heard of his cousin again.

Five years have passed and Rai was living his life normally as a college student and a part-time job as a pharmacist in a nearby hospital. He worked on weekends and sometimes in the evenings on the weekdays. During his late shift, Rai was the only one left. In the dark supply room, he heard a faint noise in the distance. He knew he was the only one left so he ignored the noise. Little did he know, a large shadow appeared and grabbed Rai from behind. The attacker covered his mouth from making noises and his arms to prevent his escape. He couldn’t see who it was in the dark, but after hearing the man whispered his name; Rai remembered the haunting voice from his childhood. The man was no other than his cousin. He felt a stutter from feeling the man’s breath behind his neck. Shocked to hear his cousin again after so many years, the horrifying memories paralyzed Rai, leaving him vulnerable in the man’s grasp. As soon as Rai felt warm hands roaming on his body, he snapped back to reality and elbowed his cousin in the stomach by reflex. As the man was caught off guard, Rai hastily turned around and shoved his cousin away; knocking him onto a shaky metal shelf full of heavy supplies and boxes. The collision caused the shelf to fall over his cousin. A loud bang echoed in the empty building, Rai was safely unharmed but his cousin lay lifeless under the collision. Rai cautiously approached the body and checked for his pulse on his wrist and neck. No sign. The man was dead. Rai quickly fled the scene and headed back home, leaving his cousin behind.

The next morning, Rai arrived to the hospital to find a mob of doctors, nurses and policemen scattered around the building in a hurry. A young nurse approached him and explained everyone was waiting for him. He was questioned whether for not if he knew what happened last night. Rai calmly, but terrified on the inside, denied any knowledge of knowing the events of last night; he was simply doing his job and left as normal. The police assumed it was an accident because the shelf was old and heavy and there were supposedly no witnesses. While Rai was free to go, he appeared to be calm but deep down, he was having mixed feelings of the incident. He felt guilty that his cousin was dead because of him, yet relieved that he was dead. After all those years of torment to his family, they were finally rid of him for good. Rai never contacted his parents about his cousin’s death. He promised to keep the cause of death to himself, forever. Rai continued to live and attend school normally without having the death caused him any problems on the outside.

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Pudding cups; especially mango
+ Quiet areas; libraries, a park with few people, etc.
+ Cats and small animals - terrified of large dogs
+ Comfortable clothes
- Males
- Lazy people
- Having attention/spotlight on himself
- Uncomfortable/awkward situations

- His normal eyes are blue, while his Zero are red with black 0 pupils
- His Zero’s horns are on his forehead
- While Rai smiles a lot, his Zero form rarely does
- He is horrible with physical labor /shot
- But he’s good with running sneaking away from awkward situations Q 7 Q
- Even though he dislikes males, feel free to add some BL/bromance in there mhmm <3


Texture (optional): [link]
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takarayume Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student General Artist
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asdfg Thank you! /// :iconholyshitohmygodplz: I hope to rp with you as well <33
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TenshiNoFuu Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
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rubysama Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Thank you! :icontearplz: /// The designs are a bit plain, but I'll learn how to do more details design some day...OTL
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